No Longer Can Your Accountant/Bookkeeper be Mere Number Crunchers

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The role of the Accountant/Bookkeeper/Controller in a small and medium sized enterprise (SMEs) has been gradually evolving over the years. It used to be the role of your Accountant/Bookkeeper to put in place the people and systems to handle the accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, tax compliance and financial statement preparation. The role of the old school Accountants and Bookkeepers was to preserve your assets by minimizing risk and getting the books right, by running a tight financial operation that is efficient and effective.

However, if you happen to own or run a small to medium sized business today, you probably need a very different type of individual in the Accountant/Bookkeeping’s chair.  No longer do you want mere number crunchers; you want Accountants and Bookkeepers who can provide insight into business issues ranging from new product development to product production and distribution.

A good Accountant/Bookkeeper can have a great in impact on a company’s success especially today when a small and medium sized business needs to keep up with ever changing technology, expanding or contracting markets, every changing government regulations and a turbulent capital market environment.

Your Accountant/Bookkeeper’s biggest contribution to your company’s success in not backward looking function of overseeing the company’s accounting.  Your Accountant/Bookkeeper’s prime function in todays fast pace world should be forward focused, acting as a key strategic and tactical advisor to you and your business.

If you own or run a small to medium sized business and your Accountant/Bookkeeper are focused on preserving your company’s assets, call Inter-gration CPA today and see how we can help you grow your business.

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