We take away the fear and hassle of operating your business. It does not matter what type of business you have, small or medium sized, if you are a freelancer, entrepreneur or independent professional, we offer a range of accounting and bookkeeping services that will help grow your business. We also offer software solutions, specifically tailored to your business needs, that will improve the way you operate.

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Professional Accountants

As business owners and self-employed professionals you are focused on building your business/practice from the ground up, spending every minute of your day working to make your business/practice a success.  As a business owner or self-employed professional you want to spend time building your knowledge and expertise, you do not want to spend your time figuring out what software solution is best for you.  With us you get more than just software and Apps.  You get an experienced and qualified group of professionals to integrate your business / practice needs with your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs.  We will enable you to spend more time on what you love to do and less time on paperwork.  You will be assigned a qualified professional that will develop a customized solution tailored for your needs.  Our customized solutions include job costing, job tracking, client tracking,  billing, invoicing, expenses tracking, payrolling, sales and tax filings, bank reconciliations and more.

Government Filings

Keeping your books in order is one thing, understanding government remittances is another. According to a survey conducted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business “One third of business owners are bothered by government regulations to the point they insist they would sooner have not gone into business”. Our professional accountants will assist you with all your government remittances to ensure that you are on time and in accordance with the laws.  We will take away your worries about filling a return or dealing with government.

Apps We Use

We keep it simple – we develop a personal solution tailored to your needs.  We offer solutions that make your life easier and hassle free.

Real-time Access

Access your reports, financial information from anywhere, at anytime.  We know what it takes to run a profitable business and we will provide access to the information you need to run a profitable business.


To guarantee compatibility, we do not require that you lock in with us and we make sure it’s easy to get out, because you always have real-time access to your data and financial information through the apps we use. We provide cost effective solutions for managing your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs. Our customized service are flexible and allow you to make changes to meet your needs as your business grows. Our services can either be priced by the hour or based on a monthly fix rate. Our monthly plans are priced based on transaction volume, number of employees, frequency of payroll, frequency of government remittances, and frequency of financial reporting requirements. We can work with you to design a package that meets your business requirements.

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