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We help independent agents, broker and contractors clearly establish and maintain their independence, but we also help them manage their business finances effectively.

maintaining your independence

When you are an independent agent, broker or contractor working in your own business but for another organization, there are rules and guidelines that you must follow in order to maintain that independent status. If you cannot clearly prove that you are an independent agent, broker or contractor then CRA may deem that you are and treat you as an employee, nullifying your independent status and holding you and the organization that you work for responsible for any associated costs, remittances and reporting.

Like any successful business, you have to manage your finances to make sure that you’re running profitably and meeting your growth goals.

minimizing your liability & exposure

If you use independent agents, brokers and contractors, you must likewise establish that they are truly independent and not employees of your organization. This can be achieved through careful bookkeeping & accounting practices and the right compensation processes. If you cannot clearly prove that the people that work for you are indeed independent, your organization may be responsible for back payment, interest & other penalties.

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